About Us

     Lucky's is just a small store that is open part time, it was started about 20 years ago by my husband, Richard Lucky to supply the Ozarks area with affordable used building materials. We try hard to have a good selection of used windows and doors of all types and varieties, we can't just order things in, since they are used, but we will take requests!  Many times as soon as we tell someone that we never get a thing in, the next week we find it, so leave your number and we can call you if we find it soon after!!

    We never know what we will find the next week or month. One time we got a lot of stained glass doors and we always hope to get more antique ones. We are not an antique shop so we try to keep our prices reasonable for people needing doors and windows for ordinary repairs and building. On this page are photos showing some of the things we have. Although when you drive by you only see a big bunch of storm windows out front, we do have three buildings full of things indoors! Here are some pictures of the windows. Welcome to just stop in and browse!